Syndero - Company ignores consumer's request for a refund.

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I order a trial package of an Onlingo (internet name) language product.I used my debit card for the purchase.

The Company advertised that if you change your mind simply mail back the unused product within thirty days with a letter of cancellation and it will completely cancel your order and refund all fees. I mailed the language package back in three days of receiving it . It was unopened and new. I enclosed a letter of cancellation.

The company still billed my checking account 14 days later for $79.95. I Sent another letter asking the company again to remove all of my financial information from their records and refund the full amount they had billed me. They Syndero (parent company) responded by crediting my account for a $6.95, the s/h fee. I called and spoke with a customer service representative and sent a complaint to the BBB.

Still the company has refused to refund my payment. There is a name for companies that use bait and switch tactics to find and keep new customers.

It starts with a t.I hope no one else believes their false advertisement on the Internet.

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Dermitage- Syndero- Scam !

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This company offers a 'free trial sample' of an eye cream they post rave revues for !

They obtain your card information for nominal fee 'postage and packing'

They send you unsolicited products and debit your card without your having ordered them , and without your authorisation

When you try and contact them, they have limited information on the website, no email address and a phone number which is impossible to get through to.

THE CATCH- They have a Terms & Conditions Statement wherein they state that unless you cancel your 'order' ( which you havent placed in the first instance) - they will continue to send you products and charge you for them !


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how do they obtain your information

Syndero - Dermatage

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I also was guaranteed a "sample" for $5.95 shipping but today, they took out $89.95 from my checking account.NEVER was it stated that this would happen ..

2 weeks or not! My wife is highly allergic to this product resulting in a terrible burning sensation. After holding a cold compress on her eyes, it eventually stopped. SOMEONE HAS TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS.

This should be reported to the Better Business Bureau and Fraud Department of the Federal Government. Please we aware of this misleading and fraudulant, not to mention illegal operation.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Same thing JUST happened to me minutes ago.I received a bounced check notice from my bank.

I gave no authorization to these scam artists to deduct anything from my account.Let's get together and take action immediately.

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